Monday, December 1, 2014

Robert et Louise, Paris, France

Our last day in Paris was spent leisurely strolling through Le Marais enroute to buy some Bordier to take home. 
Our last meal in Paris would be lunch on Sunday, and we didn't make any firm plans on where to dine. On our quest to find Bordier, we passed Robert et Louise, which had also been on my list for my first night dining solo. Done!

The restaurant has two levels, a crowded upstairs that is in front of a massive hearth, and a cavernous downstairs with communal seating. We opted for the communal seating, but it wasn't very busy that night so we had a huge table all to ourselves. 

After quickly browsing the menu, we decided on escargot (after all, we couldn't leave Paris without eating some!), cote de boeuf for two, and a bottle of red. 

Nathan had never eaten escargot before, another exciting feast of firsts! We were served our escargot with "escargot forcepts" (I have no idea what they are really called). We quickly learned how to utilize our new tools and scarfed down our molluscs. 

We were very careful to to reserve the melted butter and garlic to dip our bread into. 

And then came our piece de resistance, our cote de boeuf! This was the most delectable cote de boeuf I've ever had! Even better than Balthazar and Piora. Cote de Boeuf is basically bone in rib eye, but I wonder if in the US perhaps restaurants can get away with charging more because of the fancy French sounding name.

Oh yes, that glob of fat probably went straight to my arteries. You are welcome, future cardiologist. 

After ending our Paris food trip on a splendid note, we dashed through Le Marais to scoop up our Bordier and also maybe a Sandro jacket (what! duty free!).

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this charming bistro and yes I would go back next time I am in Le Marais! The cote de boeuf was outstanding, as was the bottle of Saint Emillion red Nathan picked out. Yum! 

Update: Oops, I was wrong, Nathan has had escargot  before, he just proclaimed that these were the best he has had! 

Robert et Louise

64 Rue de Veille du Temple
75003 Paris, France 

+33 1 42 78 55 89

Open Tuesday - Sunday for dinner, open Thursday - Sunday for lunch. We didn't need reservations for lunch, but they are recommended for dinner.

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Allison said...

That beef...those snails...looks incredible!!!