Wednesday, July 16, 2014


That is a perfect Malibu beach on a perfect sunny summer day. The photo above has nothing to do with my visit to Alma.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Eleven Madison Park with Baby Sis

What kind of magic did Eleven Madison Park have up its sleeve?

I know there was quite the fanfare for my baby sister turning 21 about a month ago in Baltimore. However, no birthday is complete without a visit to Eleven Madison Park when you come to visit your mayan goddess idol big sister in New York City!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jean Georges

Well, who hasn't heard of Jean Georges? And, who hasn't read the roughly 8,000,000,000 posts on this very blog about ABC Kitchen? I decided to step it up a notch from my ABCs and trek up to Columbus Circle to check out his eponymous restaurant at the Trump Hotel. Yes, you will likely have to make reservations a month in advance, but we know I am now an old pro at this game.

I was especially excited because as I know that Jean Georges' infamous chocolate molten lava cake would be served, and according to some, he was the brainchild of this dessert (apparently this fact is debatable). I'm not sure if my sister has posted embarrassing photos of me licking the bowl clean while eating chocolate molten lava cake at home, but I am positive this event has happened.

Also of note, Jean Georges is part of the Relais & Chateux chain of restaurants. I'm starting to become a groupie!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mascarpone Ice Cream with Strawberry Balsamic Compote

How is it already July?

I somehow ended up with a pound of mascarpone in my refrigerator, and was trying to think of ways to eat it. Pasta? No. Some kind of topping for bruschetta? No. Ice cream? Well, we are in the peak of summer, so, ice cream it is!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chocolate Ice Cream

Yay, today we have my first ice cream for Summer 2014!

Monday, June 23, 2014


I first read about Saison and chef Joshua Skenes (he trained under Jean Georges!) in Bon Appetit, as it made the top 10 list for best restaurants of 2013. That piqued my interest so I dug around some more, and continuing to see so much praise, I added to my "must hit" list. 

You know the protocol of my trips - I often make reservations at restaurants before I even book my airfare. I had done a little bit of research on where to eat for my San Francisco trip, and I had actually made a reservation to go to SPQR , as I figured there was no way I could get a reservation at Saison. On one lucky night, I was randomly checking Open Table in the off chance that Saison may have a reservation, and by some miracle, I saw a spot for three on Friday night. I've been reading a lot about the restaurant, and I realized that by the time I come back to SF again, it may become so popular it would probably be even more impossible to get a reservation, so I jumped on the chance! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cherche Midi

Over the winter, I read a round up of all new restaurants opening this spring, and I was excited when I read that Keith McNally had a new venture in the works. Turns out, this new place, Cherche Midi, opened last week in the old Pulino spot.

Talk about up my alley - this place has rustic-but-cute pink tablecloth and napkins. Ok, already a winner! The red banquettes reminded me of my beloved Balthazar. We walked in around 8:45pm or so on a Monday night and there was no wait for a table, but I don't know how long this phenomenon will last.