Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy Carbonara

Historically speaking, my favorite type of pasta is a gnocchi or pappardelle with a lamb ragu. There was one time at ricotta fest when Gretchen made an unbelievable ricotta carbonara, but since then I hardly paid much attention to the dish. That is, until my sister and I ordered the dish at L'Artusi, and now I am obsessed. After L'Artusi, I went to Lupa, then I also went to Ciccio's, and, most recently, I ordered it for lunch one day from Lamarca. I couldn't get enough! Finally I decided to give it a try and make it at home. It was actually very easy! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Ate This Week

What I Ate This Week - March 24th, 2014 edition, Part 3 of 3* 

*I realize that it is now the week of April 28th, oops. Busy month of eating, music festival-ing, and socializing

This is the final installment of the restaurant hit list when my sister was in town. It includes two of my favorites and a new place that I would highly recommend - North River, in East Village.