Monday, December 8, 2014


An impromptu dinner at one of East Village's newest gems, Tuome! 
It has been an exciting fall. Tons of restaurants have opened up with much fanfare, including Marta, Cosme, Aldo Sohm, Dirty French, and Tuome to name a few. The problem is that once these restaurants blow up, it is impossible to get a reservation unless you book 30 days in advance. On a random Saturday evening, my sister, Nathan, and me decided to call Tuome and see if there were any openings. They told us they could seat us in an hour, perfect!

Tuome is the flagship restaurant of Chef Thomas Chen. Chef Chen used to work a corporate job, and eventually began taking classes at culinary school. He then moved on to work at Eleven Madison and Commerce before opening Tuome. 

I thought my iPhone 6 camera could handle all kinds of low light situations, unfortunately, I was wrong. So, apologies, these photos look terrible and don't do the dishes any justice! 

We started with some deviled eggs. I thought these were going to be run of the mill deviled eggs...but no! These babies came out fried! 



{Pig Out}


We also ordered dessert, but I was too busy eating to take a photo. We ordered beignets with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste. I'm not a fan of red bean paste, but the vanilla ice cream, fried dough, and red bean ingredients paired well together! 

Overall: Yes, I would definitely come back! There wasn't a single "miss" out of the dishes we ordered. And the Pig Out is one of those dishes you bite into and utter "oh my god" as you nod to your dining companions in agreement with how delicious it is! Not to mention, this resturant is the perfect location for me as it is in my zipcode! I am impressed, bravo, Tuome! 

536 East 5th Street
New York, New York 10009

(646) 833-7811

Reservations are available online or by calling. 

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