Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bunny Chow*

Below is a photographic adventure of the food I ate while in South Africa and Namibia

The first meal in Africa - at Africa Cafe. Essentially, our waitress brought us out 8 different dishes from various regions in Africa. Some were delicious (Tanzanian Mango Chicken). Others not so much (The dish in the center). The waitresses also performed a traditional dance while we were eating. fun!

Dinner at the Codfather after a long hike at Table Mountain. Delicious prawns for Mozambique!

Springbok loin + pasta on my wine tour. SO YUM.

Mai and "simba chips"

A feast in the desert. This meal included vegetable stew, orix (a type of antelope), chicken and bread.

Passion fruit mousse.

A very delicious candy bar that Mai gave me. It sure did hold me over on our 4 hour car ride!

A pink & white cookie from a german bakery

Some kind of mousse...

Beautiful bbq ribs at Belthazar in Cape Town

Ostrich steak....oh...so good....yum...drooling....

At the airport in Amsterdam...I had some mini-waffles. Farewell, lovely vacation!

*Bunny chow is a South African dish in which a bread is hollowed out (like a bread bowl) and filled with chicken curry

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