Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Widdle Weg

My little sister had her third knee surgery in four years (skiing incident in Whistler this time). She had to fly back to school, so I went down to Baltimore to help her out. She wasn't exactly mobile, with crutches and a brace practically up to her (widdle) belly button (ok, I'm exaggerating), but nothing gets in the way of thsisters and food. 
My baby sis manages to look adorable while in a full leg brace and crutches. Cute widdle baybay!

We can never turn down pizza or risotto. Joe's Squared has both, though I'd say that the risotto is better than the pizza. 

{Pouty widdle baby}

Risotto isn't my go-to dish to order when I see it on the menu at restaurants, but this one was definitely creamy and yum. The waiter recommended prosciutto and spinach risotto, and what a good decision that was! 

I'm not sure when I will ever learn that I don't really like sausage on pizza. I keep trying and trying with the hopes that I will change my mind (kind of like fried calamari). This pizza was still yum, and even better cold the next day.

It was restaurant week in Baltimore, so my sister and I went out with her friends to a place named The Food Market. Nice work, Food Market, I was impressed. Rustic American fare in the middle of Hampden - who would have thought?

We all shared the appetizers, I can't decide which one I liked the most. I think it was the kale caeser salad or the potato soup. I ordered the lamb leg steak for my entree. Yes, look at those onion rings. I haven't had onion rings since I was maybe seven, at the mall. Ok, maybe it was Red Robins over Thanksgiving. 

My sister ordered the duck breast with cherries and brussels sprouts. Yeah, I never get tired of that combination. Or kale. I never get tired of kale either.

Bread pudding for dessert! The problem I have with mostly all desserts is that I want to finish them all, but by the time I finish the bread rolls, appetizers, and my main dish, I don't have much room left. Yes, even though I have a second stomach for just desserts. I should just eat dessert first.

Our favorite place in Baltimore is Woodberry Kitchen. We didn't make reservations for brunch, because we weren't sure how my sister's leg would be feeling...they didn't have any last minute tables open. They did, however, open up a new place Artifact Coffee. Artifact is more coffee shop than restaurant, but it serves all the baked goods that you can find at Woodberry. And mac and cheese. 

{Maple latte}

Grilled cheese on thick, crispy slices of bread? Why isn't this on seamlessweb in NYC?

Yay, baby sis is standing up without crutches!

Sunday brunch at Bluegrass Tavern!

I felt a bit mislead by this french toast. I thought it was STUFFED with blueberries, but instead, it was just topped with a (yum) blueberry reduction. Ok, not the end of the world, but stuffed french toast implies a huge slice thick bread with a filling, kind of like what I had in Whistler.

Sunday supper at Woodberry Kitchen! We didn't have reservations again, but the bar area accepts walk-ins. The key thing to remember is that this time I decided I was going to make a conscientious effort to save room for dessert, since dessert here is My sister and I shared some appetizers: deviled eggs, flat bread, gnocchi, and oysters.

Woodberry Kitchen flatbreads are quite possibly the best I have ever had, anywhere (yes, even in NYC). This one was just okay because the butternut squash was still a bit solid-y, but I'd recommend ordering any of the flatbreads they have on the menu. I have not been disappointed yet.

The gnocchi was not the best I've had. In fact, I would recommend you forego this dish to save more space for dessert.

Luckily we both spared room so that we did not have to share desserts. I am not good at sharing these kinds of things. My baby sis is usually full at the end of our meals, but somehow she mustered up the strength to eat her entire cookie plate and hot chocolate.

And I just about licked my ice cream bowl clean.

I helped my sister get to her classes, and in the interim, I worked from a cafe, Alkimia, on campus. The university students around me discussed derivatives, magnetic charges, electrons and k-forces. I don't think I even remember what a derivative is, and I really don't know what k-forces are. So I just looked at lip gloss online at I had about 4 lattes, one pain au chocolat, and this sandwich in the course of four hours. I am sure the staff at Alkimia thought I was creeping around for no good reason. #awkward.  

Baby sis is semi walking! Yay!

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