Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sin City

Isn't there a saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? Well, not when it comes to gluttonous food options and smartphone pictures. Yay! I was flying to Vegas for an impossibly huge reunion with my gang of friends.
I just don't understand why there is no sparkling wine served on an early morning flight to Vegas, but whatever. I'll live. My breakfast was a omelet with some kind of mushy but yum potato thing, and some sausage thing.

Here is me being healthy.

Well well well...look what I found at the airport in Las Vegas! Haven't had this in years!

Breakfast in the cab!

I haven't been to Vegas since I was roughly 16, so I obviously had a very different experience back then. I very quickly realized why the place is referred to as Sin City. I arrived earlier than my friends did, so I decided to walk around and people were drinking slushy boozy looking drinks in large glasses at 11am, whee, fun!

After walking around Crystals and City Center (and an unsuccessful mission in not finding a cute black clutch), I was hungry again (shocker). I saw a huge advertisement for Burgr by Gordon Ramsey (in Planet Hollywood), so I went in search of said burger. I was expecting it to be mediocre at best, but WOW was I blown away! I had to force myself to stop eating because I knew the boys would be getting in soon and probably would want a snack. Ok no really, this is one of the BEST burgers I've had. Bravo, Gordon Ramsey. Cheerio then. Carry on mate.

Yes, yes, yes. I'll have all of the below. Ok that's a lie, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I ended up ordering the Farm Burger. The waitress sold me with the duck bacon.

Also order a shake. I ordered shake #1. After all, I will be visiting London in a month and needed to prep myself for a toffee overload.

Here she is, what a beauty! That is a layer of caramel pudding at the top. Yes. Right then.

AHHHHH! My burger! My fantastic burger with an egg on top. This was the medium rarest burger of all times! Beautiful. Perfection.

My lunch spread.

If you are eating alone, you need to choose between a burger and fries or a burger and a shake. Don't get both. #eyesbiggerthanstomach.

After continuing to walk around more stores and STILL not finding a cute black clutch, I found this instead. This is an acai capirinha. So healthy, right!

So our "thing" to do is order room service late at night, wolf it all down, and then claim how disgusting we are. Refer to here as just one example. And of course, Vegas was no exception.

I was ready to eat again at 10am the next morning.

{Some of the gang getting AM refreshers}

Buffets are THE thing to do in Vegas. At Caeser's, there is a new one named Bacchanal. What I liked most about this buffet is that it offered small portions of every dish (ranging from dim sum, breakfast foods, meats, etc). And, this place has an entire island dedicate to just desserts. I think I had about 8 plates worth of food. Oh, and bottomless mimosas (that are very watered down). Note: if you aren't a seven stars or diamond member at Caesers, you will have to wait in a very long line, so go early.

We each received "tongs" to grab said plates of food. We quickly found other uses for them. 

Well, I was of course in the mood for some dim sum.

Lately, I've been obsessed with Tonkotsu Ramen. BACCHANAL HAD IT! Not quite Ippudo, but actually pretty good considering we were at a buffet.

In case guests felt like being healthy in the morning, the buffet offered some freshly squeezed juices as well. Carrot, cucumber, melon, and the like. 

My downed carrot juice. After I had about four mimosas.

Now, for the best part. DESSERT! 

Becca made dinner reservations for us at Scarpetta at the Cosmpolitan (you are probably wondering how we could eat another meal after our buffet...yeah I'm not sure either). You will also find Blue Ribbon Sushi, STK, and Estiairio Milos, and some other LA restaurants. Oh, that's another thing about Vegas. Every restaurant or nightclub in NYC is also in Vegas. In fact, even Bagatelle will be opening up there soon! More glasses of champagne later, we were ready to order.

{No reunion is complete without some bubbles}

You'll want to order one of everything below, and also the cod, the duck & foie gras ravioli, and spiced duck breast. I got so excited about our mains that I forgot to take photos.

{Raw yellowtail}

{Creamy polenta}

{Mascarpone cheesecake}

After dancing to Chuckie all night at Marquee, we needed some late night food so went to Central in our hotel (the same Central as the DC Central). We demanded quesadillas (but only if there was guacamole and salsa), but since there was not any guac or salsa, we opted for grilled cheese and omletes.

I got up around 11:45am, Sanjay was already at the gym. Everyone else was still asleep, so I wanted to sneak out and get ice cream and Payard before anyone would notice I was gone. Except, oops. As I was pulling my hair into a ponytail and slipping into my Toms, Becca bounced into the room. MY COVER WAS BLOWN. Ugh. So then I invited everyone to come get Payard with me, but then we decided Serendipity 3 would be a better option.

I don't think Serendipity 3 requires much explanation. Peanut Butter & Chocolate frrrozen hot chocolate? Done and done. Also, just like the NYC counterpart, wait times can exceed 90 minutes, so plan accordingly.


{Huevos Rancheros}

Sunday night dinner was at Mesa Grill, after we watched La Reve at the Wynn. But, I sadly had to depart for my flight home. After downing one margarita with the gang, I headed off to the airport. Bye, Vegas.

Can you believe this: I skipped my snack on my flight! I really wanted to get some shut eye.

We all bemoaned about how unhealthy the weekend had been, and we all vowed to eat kale chips upon returning to our respective cities. That honestly WAS my plan. Except. I went to Chinatown to get a foot massage (dancing all night in 100mm heels KILLED my feet), and since I never really head that way on a weeknight, I decided to stop into Meatball Shop for dinner. So this really was the BEST idea ever, it just wasn't the kale chip spread I had envisioned. 

{Check the box with what you want}

One hero with white bread, spicy pork meatballs, spicy sauce, and mozzarella. 

I was very impressed with this ice cream sandwich cookie. The vanilla ice cream tasted just like home made ice cream! Bravo!

Ok, and one more for the record. After going to a concert on Tuesday night, I went to The Penrose on the UES for another burger and a delicious cocktail. If you love perfect medium rare burgers, go here. And top yours with gruyere and caramelized onions.

Ok one more yum thing. If you live around east village and need a pizza place to order from on Seamless, try Nicoletta. Yes, slightly more expensive than Iggys, but worth it. I ate every slice.

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