Friday, July 1, 2011

Summering in Europe - Round 2

I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was already near LHR for work, and decided to visit Stockholm my first weekend.  Brent and Rebecka (also featured here) offered to let me stay with them - how nice!

We started the morning off with a fresh baguette, cheese, avocados, tomatoes, coffee and juice.  Rebecka also introduced me to a vegetable spread - and it was quite tasty with all the other fixings we had.  Brent made some coffee with his US coffee maker.  He showed me a bin he had filled with all kinds of convertors for all things US. I couldn't have asked for a better cup of coffee to wake up to!

{A lovely breakfast!}

{Brent's mom sent over a US coffee maker - so nice of her!}

{Berries on the porch}

Since it was a beautiful day out, we trekked to Vaxholm, an island in the archipelago. We had a lovely picnic lunch, complete with rose, cheese, and crackers.

After walking around Vaxholm for a bit, we stopped for some ice cream.  I decided to try the Daim flavored ice cream.  I've also decided that this will be added to my Princess Ice Cream party, to honor Crown Princess Victoria.

{Perfect for a sunny Swedish day}

We stopped for a few drinks at Katerina Hiss.  I sampled some Swedish beer - I was impressed! 

For dinner, we went to a newly opened Storstad. As an appetizer, we ordered the Toast Pelle Janzon.  This is basically beef carpaccio, topped with an egg yolk, some roe, and onions, all on top of a piece of bread.  The carpaccio was melt in your mouth perfect, especially when paired with the toast. This photo doesn't do the dish justice! The flavor was significantly enhanced by squeezing some lemon all over it.  

Rebecka ordered an interesting white asparagus dish.  I wasn't expecting much from the dish, but this was equally good.  The crisp stalks of asparagus were accompanied by a hollandaise sauce with roe.  Stay tuned for asparagus as it will be a recurring theme in my Scandinavian adventures! 

{Örtmarinerad lammrack med chevre- 
och grönsaksterrin, rödvinsås samt 



The next morning, Brent and Rebecka took me to a brunch that rivaled brunch in NYC. It included traditional Swedish fare, but also the standard brunch fare such as Eggs Benedict.  I enjoyed a waffle (below) and an apple crisp with a type of creme anglaise on the top.  I will definitely be making that dish at some point in the future!

{Heart waffle with whip cream and sauce!}

And now to the candies.  I picked up a dajm bar (okay more than one...a few...but I need some to make ice cream!), some circle shaped chocolate balls that have something similar to marshmallows in the middle, and something covered in milk chocolate with caramel on the inside.  

My last meal in Stockholm was at the airport (can you see a trend here?).  I decided to eat at Andersson's.  There was no Sbarro...But I did enjoy the light yet filling canapes I picked up.  

{Skagen Canape, Salmon Canape,Wild Game Canape, 
and Smoked Salmon Canape}

Farewell Sweden! Till we meet again! (Or till I go to Ikea).  

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