Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stockholm for the Evening

Becca's friends Brent and Rebecca were visiting us from SWEDEN!  And Brent, a cook at a restaurant in Stockholm, was so gracious enough to cook us an authentic Swedish meal for our weekly family dinner.  The extent of Swedish food I've had is what is served at the cafeteria in Ikea.  I love anything related to Ikea and Sweden (I'm obsessed with the idea of visiting Stockholm) so I knew this was going to be a grand feast.  Further - I was excited to have someone cook for me!  

The apartment was wafting with the smell of meaty goodness - Brent was busy forming and sauteeing the meatballs on over drive while a pot of "gravy" simmered on the other stove top.  

Brent and Rebecca brought 3 kinds of fish (herring?) to our dinner, and they were served in aptly designed bowls. 

The meatballs assembly line

The whole spread

{WASA crackers, herring, vegetarian meatballs, 
regular meatballs, gravy, salad and mashed potatoes}

{Compare and contrast the veg/non-veg meatballs}

{Salad with a kick!}

I wanted to continue to gorge myself on these meatballs - but had to stop (eyes bigger than stomach thing going on here).  Of course they were meaty (duhhh), but also very flavorful and just the right size to inhale in 2 big bites (what? don't judge...).  I don't know what was in the mashed potatoes but they were buttery, rich, and equally hom nommy.  Good thing I have spin class on Monday mornings - MUCH required after a meal like this one! 

Thanks, Brent, for a wonderful meal! 

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