Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Summer!

One of my favorite parts of summer is bbq-ing.  Nothing is quite as relaxing as sitting outside, sipping lemonade, and waiting for your food to cook.  Also, for me, most times, bbq-ing is synonymous with carefree times with family and/or friends.  I have been lucky to do both, on both coasts! The first BBQ of the 2011 season was with Becca, Michael and Alyx at their rooftop.  The other BBQ's were while I was visiting California for Memorial Day Weekend.  For a nanosecond I could see my grownup self in suburbia with a huge grill area and pool throwing fun themed parties.  On second thought, maybe when I grow up I'll have an apartment with a patio large enough to do so.

{See that down there? That is my future backyard}

I actually have never prepared a BBQ myself. Partially because for the past 8+ years I haven't really had personal access to one.  But, the process appears to be simple: marinade some kind of meat (or vegetables) for a few hours but preferably overnight.  Then heat the grill so it is warmed up.  Place meat (or veggies) on grill and monitor (preferably use a meat thermometer if available).

Michael had some friends visiting from DC (or was it Boston?) who did all the hard work.  I just took the photos.  Thanks Michael's friends!

{As you can see, the grill is on FIRE!}

{Almost ready!}

{Medium rare - my favorite!}

Nothing could beat my Memorial Day Weekend! I got to spend the entire weekend with family, watch my cousin graduate and enjoy some fantastic weather.  Oh, and everyone was grilling everything all around me!

Corn takes a while to grill, but it is worth the wait.



{My aunt has quite the garden in her backyard - 
including fresh mint leaves!}

{Muddling away! Mojitos? Yes, please!}

{Tandoori Chicken - pronounced "thun-dhoori"}

{Somebody is ready for some BBQ}

I free-handed the mojitos.  Afterall, you just need some crushed mint and limes, sugar, and rum.  And what a difference it makes when you are using straight-from-the-garden mint! 

Mojitos, recipe based on years of experience and taste testing from yours truly

Serves: As many as you can make! 

  • 1 bunch of fresh mint leaves (when it is fresh you don't need as much to capture the flavor)
  • 4-5 limes, zest some and reserve the zest, then halve all of them to make fresh lime juice
  • Sugar
  • Club soda
  • Rum (depends on how fun of a holiday you want to have! - but I put about 2 parts club soda to 1 part rum)
Chiffonade*/cut up the mint leaves, or leave them as is - up to you.  Distribute the leaves into your glasses.  

Zest half of the limes, and halve all of them to squeeze them.  Juice the limes and split the juice and zest amongst all of your cups.  Muddle away until it is fragrant of mint and lime.  Stir in some sugar (to your own taste preference).  Top with club soda and rum - depending on how strong you want it! 

Serve with a straw, and then soak up the sun! 

*Chiffonade means basically cutting herby things into pretty ribbons.  You just do this by stacking a bunch of leaves together, rolling them up, and then slicing.  

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