Friday, September 17, 2010

Vanilla Oreo Ice Cream Fail

I really liked my coffee oreo ice cream recipe and I wanted to see what it would taste like as vanilla oreo. I also did not have any heavy cream, only whole milk. I didn't feel like going out to buy more heavy cream. "How bad could it be without heavy cream"? I thought to myself.

It was the same old easy recipe that I used for my coffee oreo ice cream. I used vanilla and chocolate extract:

Whole milk only!

The final result:

So, it was good, but a little icy sorbet-ish. Marisa mentioned that it kind of tasted like diet ice cream. Ew, I don't eat diet ice cream. I go big or I go home! Clearly, the vanilla oreo ice cream needed some extra oompf from the heavy cream.

Would I try it again? No. But, it's a good FYI for myself to see what happens when you leave out a key ingredient. Let's just say August has been a month of recipe fails...

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