Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mom's Waffles

Hom nom nom...being at home is such bliss! My mom made chocolate chip waffles for me and my sister.

I don't have the exact recipe...but I have pictures to show for it!

Start with some flour...

I know I added EXTRA chocolate chips!

Waiting for the waffle iron to heat up....

My sister is making home-made whip cream

Yum Yum Yum! I love home! (Marya I know you will love this)

To top it off, we made some Marie Belle hot chocolate. Very indulgent. I.Love.Home!

Sooo I don't exactly have the recipe for this wonderful breakfast treat...I know my mom had some kind of waffle mix, to which we added milk, buttermilk maybe, probably some butter and eggs, and of course, the chocolate chips.

The hot chocolate was easy. Take the Marie Belle powder, add it to milk (it will be creamier) and heat in a microwave or stove top. It is so delicious that even little doggies who shouldn't be drinking it will poke their nose into the cup!

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