Monday, February 23, 2015

Food While Traveling: Husk, Charleston, SC

In September, I went on a foodie girls weekend in Chicago with Arti Tai. We decided our next foodie girls weekend was going to be Charleston so we could go to Husk.

Husk was opened by Chef Sean Brock, His philosophy is that "if it doesn't come from the South, it's  not coming through the doors". Chef Brock wanted to showcase traditional southern cuisine in a modern light. Since opening, Husk has won numerous accolades and even won Bon Appetite's Top 10 New Restaurants in 2010, and Best Restaurant of the Year in 2011! Of all the restaurants on our Charleston list, I was most excited to eat here! 

We came in for lunch. The restaurant is located in a two story house with a wraparound porch, just off Meeting Street. Lucky for me, the dining room features massive windows which let the sunlight stream in (perfect for iphone photos!).

Check out the cocktail menu!

I ordered the Dragoon's Punch and it came with a photo bomb.

The menu changes daily, and there were so many delicious offerings we asked our waiter for some recommendations.

We place a large lunch order because we didn't want to miss out on anything! We just about ordered everything off the menu, and I was relieved I had decided to do a Physique 57 workout earlier in the morning.  

We started with crostini with cheddar pimento cheese, some pickle relish, and crispy ham. 

Next we had Chef Brock's infamous pig's ear lettuce wraps with marinated cukes, red onions, and benne seeds

These bread rolls were also fluffy, warm, buttery, and, in fewer words, amazing. And it was like an endless supply, every time I reached into the bag, there were more! 

See below for some slow smoked tennesse pork ribs with sarsaparilla-black birch BBQ, candied benne seeds, and scallions. These were my favorite of all the appetizers we ordered.

The shrimp and grits were the best I've had in my short visit to Charleston. 

We also shared the fried chicken sandwich. Now back in New York, all I can think about are fried chicken biscuit sandwiches.

{Fried chicken sandwich. I love wedge fries!}

We moved on to my favorite course of the day!

{Meyer Lemon Chess Pie}

{Spiked Chocolate Panna Cotta}

{Sweet Vanilla Doughnut Holes}

Overall: I would definitely recommend Husk as a must-eat when you are in Charleston. There were a few entrees I would skip next time (the catfish and the pork), and I would probably stick to the small plates over the larger entrees. If I go to Nashville, I will certainly be checking out Husk when I'm there! 

76 Queen Street
Charleston, SC 

Husk is open for lunch Monday - Saturday, brunch on Sunday, and dinner Monday - Sunday, and reservations can be made on 

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