Wednesday, November 19, 2014

La Poule au Pot, Paris, France

The original plan for Paris had been to make reservations at Chateaubriand or Septime, but I missed the dates to call and make a reservation. This meant we had a "free" night in our Paris dining extravaganza!

After a leisurely stroll by Notre Dame and a relaxing glass of wine at a bistro, we realized we had yet to make dinner plans. A French classmate of mine had sent over a recommendation list of bistros and brasseries, but just about all of them required a reservation, so that wouldn't work for us either. Oops, what were we to do? 

When in doubt...turn to social media? Thanks Yelp and Foursquare for helping Nathan find Poule Au Pot! 

We stepped into this unassuming bistro near the Louvre, in the 1st arr. It was everything that Parisen bistro dreams are made of, down to the checkered table cloth. The restaurant has been around since 1935, and, judging by all the plaques on the wall, has hosted a countless number of celebrities.

We started with the bone marrow on toast. It came out sizzling hot and oozing with fat, all the more delicious to spread on toast! 

I ordered a dish that is the namesake of the restaurant, the poule au pot. The story is that Henry the Iv wanted all his subjects to eat a broiled chicken every Sunday, and this became the dish du jour. 

The dish is a massive soup bowl with chicken, vegetables, and broth. Yes, even the French make chicken soup tres chic. 

And then, for dessert, I opted for the creme brulee. Our waiter brought it out, and it was spattered with vanilla beans. You know, the kind you have to scrape out the inside of a real live vanilla bean to get? Yeah. Those. 

Overall: It was great that the most unplanned meal of our entire trip ended up being such a winner! Classic French food in a very ambient setting - c'est incroyable!

La Poule au Pot
9, Rue Vauvilliers
75001 Paris

+33 1 42 36 32 96 for reservations, we got lucky with a walk in! 

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