Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sushi Nakazawa, at the Sushi Bar

Third time is a charm! (Actually, all times were a charm!)
During my prior visits to Sushi Nakazawa, I was in the dining room, which was wonderful. This time, however, I had a reservation at the highly coveted sushi bar!

Oooh what fun it was! As soon as I was seated, Nakazawa San started us off with some chum salmon, or Tokishirazu (are italics acceptable here?)

Then we moved on to my beloved hay smoked salmon, below. 

Scallop. LIVE scallop, according to the menu! 


Here is a geoduck straight from the Pacific Northwest! 

The next course was one of my favorites - trigger fish with liver (I think?).

Red Cornet Fish

Time for mackerel! I didn't know so many species of mackerel existed, but I think I love them all! We had a trio, the first was pike mackerel.

Then on to horse mackerel...oops I forgot to take one of the next mackerel, as we were distracted by a performance.

This is what I mean when I said we had fresh, fresh, fresh, prawns. 


Served up succulent and sweet!

And now we go on to the tuna - first we had a Hiramasa,which is a golden striped yellow tail 

My at the bar action shots came out blurry - I blame my old phone! 

The best kind of threesome there ever was...bluefin tuna, zuke tuna, and toro!

I hate to admit this, but I don't like uni as much as I thought I did...

Chinook salmon roe! 

At the end, our server asked if we would like a few more courses. Of course, we readily agreed!

Overall: Dining at the sushi bar definitely trumped dining in the main room. You get a slice (ha ha) of all the action, and Nakazawa San is funny and puts on a dazzling show. Reservations are only allowed for parties of two at the sushi bar, and are even harder to come by than the main dining room. Nakazawa San generally works at the sushi bar Monday - Friday, so if you want to see him in action, be sure to keep that in mind!

Sushi Nakazawa
23 Commerce Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-2212

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