Monday, March 17, 2014

What I Ate This Week

What I Ate This Week - March 17th, 2014 Edition

I've been slacking! Also, I have been trying really hard to eat healthier, so that means fewer restaurants for the time being. Fear not, my sister will be here this week and we have a huge lineup for next week's post. 
Rotisserie Georgette

Anoop and I came here for dinner after reading so many good things. Note: the lighting was very dim, so please excuse the photos! We started with some gnocchi, which was fantastic. It was pillowy and soft, as gnocchi should be. Yum!


Anoop and I shared the Poule de Luxe - the dish of the house! Roast chicken with foie gras and wild mushrooms. The chicken was moist and flavorful, and you could definitely feed more than two people with this dish. We ordered two sides: the cauliflower steak and the spinach, neither were particularly great. 


Our waiter brought out the dessert menu and informed us of the special of the day - chocolate souffle! We didn't even need to read the rest of the menu, we knew what we wanted. This was incredible. Incredible as in, I would come by myself and order this at the bar and eat the whole thing by myself. Rotisserie Georgette is conveniently located near my office and my French class. Things could get dangerous for my waistline. 


I feel that the roast chicken at Nomad may be better, so I don't think I would come back here again for the chicken. But, I would absolutely be back if that chocolate souffle becomes a regular on the menu. 


I had such a wonderful meal here with Amitha that I wanted to come back for more pasta!

We ordered the hamachi to start, and they gave us an order of the razor clams on the house. I liked the hamachi more than the razor clams.



We shared the truffle risotto and then the pasta special of the day, which was lamb agnolotti with a carrot puree. Both were fantastic and I would order them again, but I think I liked the lumache and bucatini from last time even more. What is it with sides this week? We also shared the polenta that received rave reviews from other diners, but we didn't find it that great. 


Raina and I shared two desserts: the panna cotta and the olive oil cake. The panna cotta was far too bitter for my taste, we each had a bite and left it. The olive oil cake came with a ricotta gelato that was amazing, actually, I would eat the ricotta gelato by itself and skip the olive oil cake. The chocolate tart from last time is the clear dessert menu winner. 


There were a few more misses this time - namely - the desserts and the polenta. I think All'onda's strengths are its pastas, and I haven't yet had the main courses (i.e. fish, meats), but I would come back solely for the pastas and the chocolate tart. 

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