Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Forgot It's Wednesday Supper Club

I stumbled upon this supper club via, in my quest to find fun dining experiences around the city. I jumped at the opportunity for the first ever Monday night version of the I Forgot It's Wednesday Supper Club since I haven't dined at a supper club experience since I was in Buenos Aires. This supper club, founded by Matt and Jenny, usually hosts parties every Wednesday night, and has also added on a brunch "supper" club as well.

Thanks for having us Matt, Jenny, and King!

Amuse Bouche of baked parmesan with beets and fried dill. Ignore the blurriness of all the photos, please. I don't do Matt & Jenny justice with my photos, and I'm not sure how I missed that some of them are out of focus. No, the cocktails you see below had nothing to do with it, I swear.


The table was set up (for 8 guests), before the event we were instructed to send in a fun fact about ourselves and our favorite food. Matt & Jenny printed out name cards that listed the fun fact and our favorite food, so it was a great "ice breaker" for all guests.

And, here was our menu for the evening. 

Dairyere Chesese & scallion pin wheel: incredible. Jenny also made a sweet ginger jam that was just a tiny bit spicy. Crunchy, savory, cheesey, but of course, I had three. Oops! 


We had two cocktails to choose from, and I went with the Root of All Evil. I've started to like whiskey and bourbon, and this drink was tasty. My drink was garnished with an orange peel, and Matt lit the orange peel on fire to create smokiness. I didn't even realize that was a trick in the cocktail book! Nice detail, Matt!

Our second course was a warm egg salad. Very interesting concept - a soft boiled egg on top of mizuna, with a blood orange and anchovies (from Paris!). The egg was soft boiled, so we all broke it and the runny yolk served as the dressing. How clever! I also enjoyed the anchovies, I was worried i wouldn't...but the salty flavor rounded out the greens and the yolk-iness of  the egg.


Jenny prepared a special course with stir fried chrysanthemum leaves with oyster mushrooms. 


Next up was the salmon tartare - also out of the ballpark. Jenny explained that in traditional sushi restaurants, your sushi is actually served on top of shisho (and here in Uh-Merica, it is just a fake plastic garnish that is supposed to substitute the shisho). I licked this clean as well. 



Our last course before dessert was the five spice sirloin steak. Ahhhh! Steak! Ahhhh! Soooo goood. I loved the meaty flavor combined with pomegrante seeds and the crunchiness of the watermelon radish (also a fantastic shade of pink!). 




Palate Cleanser!


Our final course was the Panna Cotta. Can I come over and eat this every day? I actually normally don't like panna cotta, and I think this is because it needs to be done well. I actually could have had seconds. Or thirds. The panna cotta was topped with a blood orange zest and...wait for it....GREEN TEA KIT KAT CRUMBS! How innovative! I loved it.



You also have the option to purchase additional cocktails. I did not, but Matt has quite the fancy stash of booze.


Well, this was amazing. Everything was well executed, the company was great, I can't wait to come back!

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