Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I Ate This Week

And by week, I really mean the past two weeks. 

ABC Cocina

I set out thinking I would grab a seat at ABC Kitchen for brunch on Superbowl Sunday, and it was closed for a private event. Not to be deterred, I decided to turn the corner and go to ABC Cocina. ABC Cocina is the Latin inspired version of ABC Kitchen. The waitress explained to me that both restaurants have similar dishes, but the ones at ABC Cocina (obviously) have a Latin twist.  

I ordered the coconut pancakes. The pancakes were not as good as my beloved pancakes with lemon curd at ABC Kitchen, but I did get my Jean George brunch fix, so all in all, it worked out. 

These pancakes were served with a lavender syrup and some bananas. 

I would definitely go back for brunch (or dinner) and try something savory next time. 

Pure Food & Wine

Asmi was visiting from LA for a few days, so this was the first spot I took her. Pure is a raw vegan restaurant in Gramercy. Before your groan, I assure you the food is very tasty (this is coming from a carnivore!). 

I ordered the hen of the woods tacos. I really didn't even notice there wasn't meat! 

For dessert, I ordered the chocolate and jungle peanut butter cheesecake. While the appetizers and entrees here were fantastic, I would skip dessert if you eat normal dairy / egg products, the desserts just don't quite hit the same flavor/texture. If you are vegan / lactose intolerant, you will probably enjoy this menu a lot more as you probably normally cannot order dessert on most menus. 


Piccolo Cafe

Asmi and I stopped in here for a very quick brunch, it is pretty close to my place. I occasionally stop in for coffee, but haven't actually eaten here. I thought my dish, the truffled sunny side up eggs, was fantastic! A good substitute for the times when I want a quick brunch, we were in and out in less than 30 minutes. 


I rarely eat Ethiopian food, but god, is it delicious. It is also great for vegetarians!

One of the starters we shared was the engouday tibs - a curried mushroom served in injera bread.

This is Kategna, which is toasted injera bread served with cheese. This was fantastic, and I think just a teeny bit spicy.

Darya, Kim, and I shared doro wett (curried chicken) and sega wett (curried beef) along with some lentils. Yes, I licked my...fingers clean!


If I were in the Park Slope area again, I would definitely come in for dinner. This would be perfect after a rock climbing session at Brooklyn Boulders!


This was an accident. I was minding my own business, walking home from REI after buying some ski boots, and I remembered how fantastic the pancakes were as I walked by. So on an impulse, I went in and sat at the counter. Yep, still delicious.

Tamarind TriBeCa

Asmi was leaving on Monday, so we decided to do a nice dinner for her last night out. I rarely trek down to TriBeCa for food, but this was a solid place - a great idea for work dinners or lunches if you are working downtown. And, much better than the Flatiron location.

Kim and I shared the tandoori lamb chop and the fish curry special of the day. I really loved the lamb chop, the fish was just okay.

For dessert, we shared the kulfi. I think I like Mai's kulfi more.

The Breslin

Kavita and Walker came into town from Seattle! Kavita and I picked the Breslin for dinner.

We shared the burrata to start, not the best burrata I've had. Di Palo's still takes the cake.

I had the lamb burger, medium rare. I thought I would be in love, but it just wasn't as good as I remembered it to be. What a shame. However, I could have eaten two more orders of the thrice cooked fries.


We then shared pudding (as the menu says...). I love the PB and chocolate combo, so I ordered the peanut butter mousse. Kavita ordered the apple rum cake. The dessert was also just okay. I wouldn't come back to the Breslin again. Sadface. 

Jimmy's No. 43

I met Walker and Kav here for a drink. Since I was coming straight from French class, I hadn't eaten dinner yet. I ordered a side of the mac and cheese with chili. Well, Jimmy's No 43, you can't hide your delicious chili from me anymore!


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