Wednesday, October 9, 2013


As with all of my recent trips, I had no clue where I was staying but I had booked my restaurants well out in advance. I found DiverXO by doing a search on Top Restaurants in Madrid on Google (very precise methodology). David Munoz, the chef, worked in Spanish restaurants Balzac and Viridiana, and abroad at places such as Nobu. His restaurant in Madrid isn't traditional Spanish cuisine, rather, he claims it is the product of many influences, and I was really impressed and enjoyed the unique experience. 
We received a "preface" to our menu (on shiny silver paper). It started with

Experience Diverxo 
"Roller Coaster"
"Butterflies in stomach"
"Flying Pigs"
"White Canvas"

The best description of what we were presented with was "unconditional single minded sentiments: Sweet, Acid, Bitter, Spicy, Sour, Hot, and Smokey will be the puzzle pieces in one or more bites within the same canvas of emotion".  OOOH I was getting EXCITED! What next what next??

Our waiter brought us a menu on plain white paper that had several different flavors written on it. Then he circled which courses we would be receiving. Cool!

Tokyo Olives. Sweet and Umami

The "olives" as you can see are really edamame. The sauce is a kalamata sauce and a lemon sauce and was served with a wasabi soup.

Iodized. Sweet and Acid. Marinades and Pickles. Sea Fatty

This was a baby coconut soup with sea food.

Fruity Spicy. Wok Flame. Yoghourt and Coffee

So the mixture of flavors and texture here was incredible. Those purpley things are almost like lobster, mixed with the strawberries and crunchy coffee bits.

Hannibal Lecter. Sweet and Sour. Sharp e intense. 

So this was cool because I tried duck tongue for the first time in my life.

Here is said (out of focus) duck tongue.

From Celeiro to Bangkok Crossing "La Vera" Embers Smoke. Liquid Yolk. 

I should note that for almost all our dishes, we were provided with a white le creuset spatula. It was almost like we were painting our own canvas on our (white) plates, by mixing all the flavors together. Same goes for this dish with the egg yolk.

"Porn Food" Sweet Saline Power. Caviar?

Milky and Vegetan Creaminess. Female Deer and Red Mullet. Surronding Citric. 

Salad!!! Clorofile, Pineapple y Olive Oil

According to the chef, there are no desserts at Diverxo. So I guess this was our last course. These are all flavors I would never fathom having together for "dessert". After we were stuffed to the brim, this was very refreshing and light.

And that was our meal! I normally don't eat food that blends a variety of flavors presented on a pretty white plate, so that was exciting and new. If you are in Madrid and looking for an inventive meal - this would be it!

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