Monday, September 30, 2013

Jamon Iberico y otras cosas

My college roommate, Lavina, was getting married on the beautiful island of Tenerife, in Spain. As luck would have it, my baby sister is also studying abroad in Madrid. Two for one visit!
I was flying out of JFK, so I checked out the Lufthansa lounge  - this particular one was mediocre. But, I had my fill of cold cuts.

I started on a flight to Frankfurt in Lufthansa's business class. It was a two story 747, but I had only booked business and not first, so I was regaled to the first level only. Boo hoo. 

My nuts came in a plastic bag! I am now used to hot nuts being served in a small ceramic bowl, so I'm not sure what this was about. 


There was some selection for the wine list.

The menu below: 

I was pleased with the taste and quality of my dinner - the shrimp and the chicken. While the "guacamole" wasn't the most fresh, the shrimp was very tasty. 

My cheese course was not that impressive - see below:

What is this, the United lounge in Newark? 

Now, for my favorite part. In fact, I had seen the freezer containing these, and I thought maybe I would just go and ask for three. Dulce de leche ice cream! You know I love ice cream even more when I have it in the air!


I saved this chocolate bar for my sister. 

This was breakfast - not too filling, but I was also pretty stuffed. 

Here are some snacks from the Frankfurt lounge. You can see below my beloved Hit cookies, and Nutella that I just about licked out of the container. 

Sarika met me at the airport and off we went for food adventures. I found a place for lunch, Las Tortillas de Gabino. Supposedly this place fills up very quickly. Sarika and I got there around 1:30pm, it was quite empty, but as we were leaving around 2:30pm, it was full. It's a small place too - great service and wine as well!

Menu below:
Everything we ordered was amazing! Jejeje. I also don't really like green olives, naturally, in Spain, I did.


Salivating...croquetas de jamon.

And here is the tortilla espanola con cebellos (onions). This is a very heavy, filling dish, so I'd suggest if you go, only order one for two people to share. Of course, Sarika and I ordered two and couldn't finish either.

The tortilla was served with a side of pan and some mayonaissey looking sauce. Yum. So. Yum.

I could not leave Spain with out churros con chocolate. We found this in Parque del Retiro.

And this store is the stuff of my wildest dreams. Hom nom nom nom.

Sarika and I had a unique dining experience at the restaurant named Diverxo, which I will put up in a separate post. Ahora, vamos a la playa!

Lavina and Navin's wedding events had all kinds of food, I'm surprised I didn't take any photos of anything though! The mendhi had Indian cuisine, along with my favorite masala chai. The Sangeet had several types of Asian cuisine - my favorite was the miso glazed cod. Saturday's fete featured food native to the Canary Islands and Spain, including...Paella! Each night, "Navina" had a signature shot. On Saturday night, it was vodka infused with skittles.

Sarika and I went to the beach and had more yum snacks. We had "Canarian Potatoes" which is what you see below - small, circle shaped potatoes, served with a pestoy sauce and a red (but not spicy) sauce.

Then we had jamon iberico with the bread below. I've never had jamon iberico served with bread, smeared with tomato sauce. Usually I eat it straight out of the package while watching Covert Affairs. What? Something wrong with that?

I basically, Cinderella style, ran from the reception to the airport in the wee hours of Monday morning (something like 4:30am). I slept on the entire flight from Tenerife to Madrid.

I even got some candy! Shockingly, I didn't eat the whole bag in one big gulp. More like two.

A light snack for a quick flight. 

And my dessert. 

 Then it was time for snacks in the lounge! HIT COOKIES!

On my flight from Frankfurt to Madrid, we had a special menu on board for Oktoberfest! I was also given a "special" amenity kit for Oktoberfest, not that exciting though. 

First course! Various of trout and char and cucumber salad and dill cream. 

A special Oktoberfest menu means PRETZEL BREAD!

Here is my main course - Bavarian pretzel dumpling on mushroom ragout, this was also part of the Oktoberfest menu.

And my final course for lunch, the poppy seed mousse with "mountain cranberries". This was just okay, but at least it looked pretty.

Then came snack time! 

Seasonal salad with oyster mushrooms - actually quite fresh and yum.

The "hearty goulash soup". It may look a bit oily, it was pretty good too!

Plum cake and vanilla creme dessert...

I landed back in New York completely stuffed, tired, and excited to sleep in my own bed for a long, refreshing night's rest.  

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