Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy 1 Year Annivesary, Hom Nom!

Hom Nom turned 1 in April! Happy Anniversary! To honor the occasion, I decided to host a party for avid Hom Nom fans.

I didn't know what kind of party to throw, but I knew it had to involve the following three elements: pink, hearts, and brunch.  These three things are my favorite things in the world.  When I mentioned to Mai that I would be hosting a brunch, she graciously offered up her apartment to host the celebrations.

Then came the fun part: picking the menu.  Naturally I turned to Smitten Kitchen for guidance.  There I found recipes for scones and baked french toast.  I knew I had to serve lemon curd because, logically, what else would you serve with scones? I also found a great egg souffle dish on  The final question that remained was what to make for dessert? Something light to offset the heavy carbo-overload.  I know this all seems like a lot of food.  But, I was able to prep most of it in advance.  I made the scones on Wednesday, the lemon curd on Thursday night, and prepped the two main dishes at Mai's on Friday night.  That same evening, Mai and I decided we needed some kind of amuse bouche - so we decided to also make a mousse with berries and fresh whipped cream.

Thank you Mai for hosting at your apartment, thank you Paul for being a wonderful barista and preparing lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos on demand, and thank you Jack for being lovable and cuddly.

And onto the pink glittery hearts extravaganza...


{Hom Nom's Diehard Fans Enjoying Brunch}

{The Big, Pink, and Pretty Picture}

{You Can Never Have Too Many Pieces of Heart Confetti}

{Pink Peony Center Piece - Designed by Mai}

{The Menu}

{Three Cheers for Hom Nom}

{Thanks For Coming, Friends!}

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