Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pizza for dinner!

Becca and I decided to make dinner together one night, since she's ALWAYS eating out due to work. She was craving bacon and cheese, and I like bacon and we found a recipe for breakfast pizza and flatbread pizza.

Eggs! Bacon! FOR DINNER!

The flatbread pizza!!
And...the masterpiece...breakfast pizza...

Becca founds this recipe on Smitten Kitchen. We made some modifications...i.e. we left out the parsley and the shallots, and the crust we bought pre-made at Whole Foods. Also, we only put 2 eggs on the pizza instead of 3.

The Flatbread recipe came from here. Here, the major modification we made was instead of goat cheese, we used this cheese that looked like halumi cheese, but was called "bread cheese" or something like that. Now, this was an AMAZING modification. The cheese melted really well. It was YUM TOWN. We threw some artichokes on top as well. I'm not a major artichokey fan, and it was pretty good.

Minor note: we had the oven at 425 degrees for the flatbread pizza. It NEEDS to be at 500 degrees or else the egg won't cook properly. And then you have to cook it for longer. And then the cheese looks weird. But it was still mmmm mmmm good.

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Lavina said...

i love making flatbread pizza, this breakfast idea thing is really cool though. i mean i eat pancakes or cereal for dinner sometimes, so why not!