Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sushi Nakazawa, Round 2!

Yay, I was fortunate to come back here for a second time! I think I liked it even better than the first time around, and service was yet again fantastic. I prepared for my feast by watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi and watching Chef Nakazawa serve as an apprentice and perfect his tamago for Jiro. Who's ready for more? 

My party was seated in the main dining room, actually right next to where my sister and I sat last time. We decided to go with the premium sake pairing, which is seven pairings over the twenty courses. The first sake pairing was a Daiginjo Nigori, a sparkling sake. I don't drink sake often and I don't know much about it either, but I really enjoyed everything the sommelier poured us. 

I missed taking photos of a few of the first courses, I think this is our third course. We were served yellowback sea bream, black seabass, and red sennet. 

Gizzard shad, halfbeak, and whiting

I have an affinity to anything shiny and silver. 

This Guatemalan amber shrimp was very sweet and succulent, though I like the Mozambique prawn we had last time even more than this one.

These two courses were probably my favorite of the night - the lean bluefin tuna and the soy marinated medium fatty bluefin tuna. 

{Soy marinated medium fatty bluefin tuna}

And the final course, the infamous tamago! Light, airy, and perfect. Thank you Nakazawa San!

Verdict: You know my stance on this already! Every course we had was so fresh and stunning to marvel at before eating. The anticipation of each course was exciting, our waitress would give us an explanation of our sake pairing saying something like "it goes well with fattier fish" and left us guessing as to what was coming out next. The combination of top quality fish, fantastic service, and a great ambiance ranks Sushi Nakazawa high on my list. Good luck getting a reservation! 

21 Commerce Street
New York, New York 10034
(212) 924-2212 

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