Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Ate This Week

What I Ate This Week - March 24th, 2014 edition, Part 3 of 3* 

*I realize that it is now the week of April 28th, oops. Busy month of eating, music festival-ing, and socializing

This is the final installment of the restaurant hit list when my sister was in town. It includes two of my favorites and a new place that I would highly recommend - North River, in East Village.
North River

Brunch in NYC has gotten to be a huge hassle. You have to make a reservation a month in advance (ABC Kitchen, Balthazar), or wait 2 hours (Prune). I avoid that by usually going solo and dining at the bar area, but Nicholas was in town, so we decided to all get together and catch up. I had been reading about North River - especially the belly doughnut. Even more convenient, the restaurant is just a few blocks away from me and I was able to easily get a reservation for four just a few days before.  


And here is the famous belly doughnut! The bun is coconut crusted and the dish almost looks like a pork belly sandwich!

{Lamb hash}

Verdict: I would definitely go back here for brunch and also add it to my list for dinner and cocktails, especially for impromptu get-togethers. 


I had to bring my sister to my current favorite restaurant! We were going to see Cut Copy, so I picked an early spot at around 5:30pm. 

Since we were celebrating (sisters don't need a reason to celebrate anything other than just being reunited), I asked Kyle, the Sommelier, for his recommendations for a bottle of champagne. He asked me what I liked, to which I responded "I like  Veuve Clicquot's Grande Dame". He laughed and said "That is a $600 bottle...". He suggested Champagne Savart L'Overture, and it was a fantastic recommendation. 


{Always start with monkey bread - you won't regret it!}

{Carrots served with yogurt and shaved ham}

My favorite dish on the menu to date is "egg". It is a boneless chicken wing served with a poached egg and an artichoke barigoule sauce that is delicious. I've had it once before and I will continue to order it as long as it stays on the menu!

{My favorite vegetable of the moment: sunchokes!}

{Suckling pig}

{Tortellini with fava beans,
an update for spring}

Verdict: Duh, I would go back! Piora also recently started serving a lunch menu. I don't think I can wing a weekday lunch during the work week, but I have seen the menu and it looks like it is worth stopping by to check out!

ABC Kitchen

I could wax poetic on my love for ABC Kitchen. Instead, I will just post photos of all the goodies we ordered.

{Seasonal doughnuts - lemon glazed 
and chocolate with cacao nibs}

{My favorite breakfast food of all times - farm egg pizza}

{French toast! Better than the 
one at ABC Cocina}

{Salmon Tartare}

Verdict: Yes, I've probably already been back four times since this meal for dinner and brunch. And, Chef Kluger has recently added some new items in time for spring, such as ramp and goat cheese toast. The farm egg pizza is on the dinner menu too! So you can have the yummiest thing on the menu for both brunch AND dinner! 

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