Monday, January 7, 2013

More Tom Douglas!

I was not in Seattle for too long this holiday season, given that we went up to Whistler for the new year. With what little time I did have in Seattle, I did try out a few new places, hom nom nom.

Palace Kitchen

A few weeks before I got into Seattle, Marya mentioned Palace Kitchen.  We already know that my friend Marya is the Seattle restaurant connoisseur, so I suggested we go there for dinner when I was back in town. Another wonderful Tom Douglas restaurant! So far, I've tried Lola, Etta's, and now this. I have yet to try Serious Pie and Dahlia Lounge, but maybe next time I am in town! Thanks, Marya, for the recommendation! 

The cocktail menu is interesting - I had a cilantro lime margarita. Cilantro, in a drink? That is a new twist, can't say I've had that before! 

{Rosemary's baby}

{A perfect burger with perfect fries!}

{I love blue cheese on burgers!}

Lately, I have been OBSESSED with the combo of chocolate and peanut butter. And ordering it wherever I go.

{OMG! Chocolate Peanut Butter
Mousse Bar}

{Friends since 7th grade!}

We didn't need reservations for a Wednesday evening. Parking is a pain (especially if you don't really remember how to parallel park, cough cough), but there is a hotel lot next door with easy parking. 

Over the Moon Cafe

On my last day in Seattle, my sister took me to a cafe named Over the Moon, located in downtown Tacoma. Cute lunch spot! Our table had two books on it, one about dreams and another about astrology/birthdays. I don't buy into that stuff too much, but it was a fun read while we waited for our food.

{Sis reading what her birthday means}

{One of the best mac and cheese dishes I've had!}


I had left over cheese and prosciutto and bread, so I decided to pack a sandwich for my super early Sunday morning flight home to Seattle. It was delicious! And better than the cheeseburger served on my flight.

Lucky me - Riana used her region wide upgrade and upgraded me on my flight home to Seattle. Thanks Riana! In addition to the hamburger, dessert was a warm cookie! Not quite the ice cream sundae cart I was hoping for, but I love chocolate chip cookies!

{Can I have three, please?}

And, in VERY exciting news, I was upgraded prior to check in on my flight back to New York! I cried tears of joy. Usually, what happens is that when I check in, and I am placed on the upgrade list, usually at number five and if I'm lucky, I am upgraded 10 minutes before the flight takes off because some global services big shot didn't show up at the gate. So, this was a very exciting start to 2013!

I actually wasn't hungry at all on my flight, but the air stewardess gave me a tray of food after I nodded yes (unclear why I did this). I mostly just took pictures, nibbled on a bit of carrot medley, and ate the brownie. The chicken dish was cold and pretty gross, but the brownie, a pre-packaged variety, was alright. Not as good as the warm cookie.

{Those two empty glasses were water. Trying to
stay hydrated!}

This corn reminded me of Peruvian corn for some reason, which reminded me of Becca, and our trip to Peru last year. Oddly enough, my brownie was the same brand as the brownie on my flight to Lima! Well, not that odd, both were United flights.

After devouring my brownie, I put my eye mask on and got some shut eye. I was excited to land and start 2013 in NYC! 

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