Monday, December 24, 2012

A New York (Food) Minute

Oops, I have fallen off the updating wagon again. I have been going out to eat every night of the week, it seems like, and eating carrots and hummus when I am not.

I had a few friends in town this week, so most of my dining adventures were at restaurants we've all been dying to try. Lucky me!


Becca flew in from CDG and brought me this. I am the luckiest girl in the world! My favorite flavor is Salted Caramel, followed by the Chocolate. Well, truly, I would eat any and all of them if they were in front of me. Of course, I went to Laduree in New York to bring more macarons home.

{Chocolat, Vanille, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Praline, 
L'incroyable Guimauve Fraise Bonbon, et Saveurs de Noel. 
J'ai de la chance!}


I did make Becca some slutty brownies, since we needed them in London a few weeks ago, but I was not there to bake them for her.

Momofuku Noodle Bar Fried Chicken Dinner

The fried chicken dinner involves a LOT of food. I've been here before for the udon, which was not as great as Ippudo, but, this fried chicken dinner is worth it. And of course we started with David Chang's famous pork buns.

{The best pork bun of all time}

The trick to this meal, apparently, is to take the tortillas they give you, cut a few pieces of chicken, add the sauce and various herbs (cilantro, basil, etc) and roll it up and eat it.

{Southern friend and korean fried chicken}

Mission Chinese

I finally made it here! On a weekday afternoon, there is little to no wait for lunch. Service was mediocre at best, but, the food was fabulous. I will be going back.

{Corn tea}

{Thrice cooked bacon}

{Sizzling cumin lamb breast}

{Beijing beef pancake}

Hudson Clearwater

Classic American food. We were given some sort of sausage on flatbread amuse bouche. I ordered the crispy duck breast (really, how could that ever be bad?).

City Bakery

I don't think this needs an explanation. #holidays.

{Yes. More!}

Beatrice Inn

Slooooooow service, but we already know that we do not go to Beatrice Inn for service. Our burgers were decent, not the best ever (Minetta wins!). Photos are not allowed, but no one gets in the way of me and instagrammed food photos.

Becca ordered a leek, truffle and chestnut soup that was probably the best thing we were served that night. The side of braised kale was a bit to bitter for my taste. I missed my kale chips!


I had to run out and grab some cheese for fondue, and I thought about stopping into Ippudo for lunch. I searched for other restaurants near me for lunch, and found Whitmans. Burgers? Near me? How did I not know about this place?

I ordered the juicy lucy. The burger is stuffed with a pimiento cheese that oozes out as you bite into the burger. Mine seemed to miss my mouth and end up on my plate, oops.

The fries, which are critical to every burger experience, were perfectly crispy and not too salty.

{Listen, Whitmans, I hear you. Agreed.}

{What a beauty. How a burger should be served.}

{Juicy lucy}

{All that is left of juicy lucy}

Candle Cafe

After a bit of ice skating (Asmi and I found a rink behind my apartment!), Asmi and I went to Candle Cafe for lunch. I have never been before, and Asmi loves vegan food places and I like trying new things. It was a quick hop over from the NYC location of Laduree.

{A mound of guacamole. #win.}

{Winter sangria}

{Porcini crusted seitan}

{Vegetarian Chili}

Marble Lane 

I haven't seen Tina in about 3 years, before she left for her London adventures. Since she was in town, I decided to take her to Marble Lane (since MPD was our former stomping ground), though I was convinced it would be all scene and no flavor. I was semi-right. The burrata was delicious, the burgers were just okay. That was alright, since Tina and I spent most of our dinner catching up and giggling.

{All MPD adventures require champagne}

{Burrata = win}

{Burger = fail...but only because it was prepared
medium well, when I had asked for medium rare.}

Now, I am off to make cookies for Santa Paws for tonight. Merry Christmas! 

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