Friday, April 6, 2012

A Visit to Charm City!

Charm city is a cute name for Baltimore. It also reminds me of Charm City Cakes (and we know how much I love cake). I went down to visit my sister for a weekend. As much as I wanted to eat dorm food (ha), my sister had bookmarked a few restaurants she wanted to try. If you are hungry or on a diet, you probably shouldn't look at the rest of the blog. I'm still in a food coma, a week later. 
On Friday night, we had reservations at Cinghiale, located in Fells Point, about a 15 minute walk from the Inner Harbor. The appetizers were delicious (see those croutony looking things in the photo below? amaze) but the pasta was just okay. 

{Foie gras}


{Veal stuffed pasta}

{Prosciutto filled ravioli}

{Gnocchi with lamb ragu}

{Vanilla panna cotta}

{Something with pistachios}

The next meal was my fave of the day: brunch! Yay, another non New York brunch that totally blew me away - at Woodberry Kitchen. Gluttony ensued. My sister toured the kitchen once, on a school tour, and knew she had to take me here when I came to visit. The place has a farm to table concept, so it was cool to see all the local purveyors of all the food we were eating.

{Pain au chocolat}


{Best chocolate donut EVER}

{Ricotta pancake}

{Deeeelish fries. Crispy, just as they should be}


Even though we had brunch at 1pm, we still thought we could do an early dinner (my sister had school stuff later that evening). We were so full we shared only one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert. CRAZY! That never happens. I was almost too full for dessert, but we also know that never happens. I make room. 

{Polenta rings}

{More gnocchi}

{Home made ice cream. Now you see it, now you don't}

I was taking one of the last trains out to go back to New York, so my sister and I grabbed dinner after touring the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We went to B&O American Brasserie. Yet again, I thought the appetizers were super yum but our main dish was just okay. We were also still in a food coma from Saturday. Longest food coma of my life. 

{Pork belly! Perhaps one of the best I've had}

{Tuna tartare with beets}


We ordered an oreo creme brulee. In hindsight there are maybe two things that should not go together.

Well, I will be back for more of Charm City in April. So stay tuned for Charm City version 2.0!

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Lavina said...

nice pics! what type of flatbread was that?