Friday, November 18, 2011

Astrid y Gaston

A long, long time ago, when we started planning our two year friendiversary trip, I suggested we eat at Astrid y Gaston.  Unfortunately, due to trip logistics, we actually didn't allot for any time in Lima.  Yeah, poor planning, I know.

In a twist of fate, our flight from Lima to Newark was delayed.  By 14 hours. We briefly considered switching onto other flights out of Lima.  Instead, we quickly opened up my Lonely Planet to read more about Astrid y Gaston.  In a matter of 10 minutes, we had located a hotel closest to the restaurant, secured a table, and were well on our way into Miraflores.  Yes, people, we have PRIORITIES.
We received the "Spring 2011" menu, and for a second, thought it was a typo.  Oh wait, we're in South America.  It IS spring there.  Never in my life have I been so torn between choosing a 11 course tasting menu or ordering a la carte.  Our waiter suggested that we order a la carte, and, boy, did we.  Five starters and two main dishes later...

Our amuse bouche.  The dip looking thing in the tortilla on the right hand side was by far the best, it was similar a crab cake / salad with a crispy shell.

Alpacru, a trio of alpaca - burger, tartare and seared. I wish restaurants served alpaca in NYC.  The meat in the burger was only slightly leaner than what you would find in a steak burger. 

Peru's national dish - ceviche!

Foie.gras.ravioli.  As  I was slurping this up, I couldn't help but laugh at our disastrous delay in Salar de Coipasa and how being delayed in Lima is really the best thing that could have happened to us! Do you see those orange things on top? That is a fruit native to Peru.  It tasted almost like mango - but a little more citrusy. Perfect pairing with the foie gras! 

Peking Cuy! Love the fusion here! The cuy was crispy and crunchy - perfect - and much better than the one we had in Aguas Calientes (though, I would expect no less!)

More chile relleno.  This was my least favorite dish.

By the time we finished our appetizers, I was on my way to disgustingly full. It was painful to eat this Cabrito Lechal, or suckling goat, as delicious as it was.  I'm cringing in regret - I wish I could have finished it!  Look at this! I'm salivating.  Note to self: next time don't order so many appetizers (famous last words). 

And here is Becca's entree - crispy pork, or pierna entera de crocante cochinillo asado.

After our dinner, I was stuffed to the BRIM.  However, as soon as our waiter brought out the dessert menu, it was as though a second stomach reappeared.  This happened to me all the time when I was 5: I would get full during dinner, not finish it, and then some how, magically, have room for dessert.  Little sisters beware!

We ordered the chocolate bomb.  It was drenched in a warm chocolate sauce that melted the chocolate shell, and the inside. It is really beyond me how I managed to polish this off - I'd like to thank my sweet tooth.

{There is ALWAYS room for dessert!}

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